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Ancient Greece is not far away. Take a daytrip to the old town of Pylos (including another Venetian Castle), Nestors Cave and Castle, Ancient Olympia and Ancient Messenia.

Sandy beaches within minutes  

Around the villa you will find beaches in all directions. Try a different beach every day and you will still not have time to see them all. Waters and sand or stones differ, and so do the facilities (if offered at all). Choose what kind of beach you like, every day again. Keep in mind that most beaches do not have natural shade, so bring your own parasol if you like to stay a little bit longer than just a dip. 

Close by Methoni offers a wide flat brown sanded beach. Perfect for playing (bal) games or building sandcastles. Because the waters are quiet and not too deep, this is perfect place for families with kids. The touristic town of Finikounda is situated at a beautiful bay. This is a more crowded beach with lots of restaurants and shops around it. Between Finikounda and Methoni you will find several more or less deserted beaches.

Follow the road up north for twenty minutes and find one of the most stunning beaches of the world: Voidokillia beach. A round sandy beach with beautiful blue waters. This sheltered bay is referred to in Homer’s Odyssey an archaeologists believe it was used by King Nestor as a port in ancient times.  The name Voidokilia means “cow’s belly”, from the two rocky promontories that define the entrance of it.Bring your own parasol and coolbox, Voidokilia is part of ´Natura 2000´and has no facilities. Close to this beach you can also find ´glossa beach´, hidden behind the hill. Pass Voidikillia find beaches of Petrochori and Romanos. Here you will swim in the waves of the Adriatic sea. Snorkeling is worth wile here, we have been spotting lost of fish and sea turtles around. At these beaches you will find a few restaurants.

Follow the route even further up north, direction of Marathopoli, there are several beachbars to explore that offer entrance to the beach and sea. Or check out the beaches around the bay of Navarino: Gialova beach (Hotel Zoe offers loungers, parasols and foods and drinks right at the beach), Golden beach (foodstall, parasols and loungers only during summertime), or one of the more deserted parts of this long ended beach.