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Terms & Conditions VillaValleyview

Reservations can be made by telephone, but are only valid when 1) confirmed in writing by the owner and 2) when the full rental amount has been paid by the tenant prior to arrival. Exceptions to the above are only possible when agreed in advance and confirmed in writing by the management of Villa Valleyview.

All prices and specifications are subject to occasional typing errors and changes.

We require a deposit of 25 % of the total reservation value within 1 week after making the reservation via our website The deposit must be paid in full prior to entering the residence. If the deposit is not paid in advance, the owner is entitled to deny the tenant and other users access to the residence.

Parking at the designated parking spot of the park is at the risk of the vehicle owner.

Pets are allowed following special agreement in writing by the management of Villa Valleview. Excessive noise or irritation to neighbors caused by pets will not be tolerated. Furthermore, dogs should always be kept on a leash on the premises of the villa. It is mandatory that for any sanitary purposes, all pets including cats and dogs, are walked outside of the premises of the Villa. Pet owners are obliged to use their own cleanup facilities.

Any damage to the property itself, the furnishings, the appliances or any tools in the property, should immediately be reported to the landlord. If considered necessary by the landlord, compensation for any damages caused by the tenants or their guests will have to be paid for in cash directly to the owner. Tenant (named on confirmation) is always responsible for the hired and for his or her guests.

Villa Valleyview is not responsible for any theft or robbery during your stay. In case of robbery or theft during your stay, you are obliged to file a complaint directly with the local police in Pylos.

Upon departure, tenants and their guests are obliged to leave the property in an acceptable state of cleanliness. This means that all garbage/waste is removed from the property and put in garbage bags. No dirty dishes should be left behind in the property. All used bed linens and towels should be collected and left together in the hallway of the property.

No Show:
In cases when the tenants have not arrived within 24 hours of the agreed arrival date, or when tenants prematurely terminate their stays, the originally agreed rent as confirmed by the landlord in writing on the booking confirmation will be charged to the tenant in its entirety.

Cancellation insurance:
Tenants are obliged to take care of their own cancellation insurance.

If the confirmed lease is cancelled more than 8 weeks before the start of the rental date, 25% of the total cost of the rent will be charged to the tenant (whose name is on the confirmation). If the confirmed lease is cancelled less than 8 weeks before the start of the rental date, 100% of the total cost of the rent will be charged to the tenant (whose name is on the confirmation).

In case of complaints of neighbors (e.g. noise disturbance), tenants are expected to notify the landlord immediately.

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