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Historical places

Venetian Castles

An unique Venetian castle in the region situated directly at the beach,
ideal plan for a family outing. … Read More

Nestors Palace at Hora

Archaeological site where you find remains of 3.000 years old palace with a remarkable intact bath tub. … Read More

Ancient Messini

A pleasant historical surprise that rivals with famous sites as the Acropolis, Epidaurus and Mystras. … Read More


Mystras Greece used to be the most powerful Byzantine town in the Peloponnese from the 13th to the 15th century. … Read More


The beautiful villages of Stemnitsana and Dimnitsana were built on the mountain side, and form an almost fairytale like sight. … Read More


Located on the western side of Peloponnese, this was the place where the first ancient Olympic Games took place.  … Read More