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During summer months it can get very hot at coastal villages like Methoni. Note that you are situated not very far from cooler mountains.

The beautiful villages of Stemnitsana and Dimnitsana were built on the mountain side, and form an almost fairytale like sight. The villages are small, but because of the way the were built absolutely worth a visit. The small streets, steps and terraces are a wonderful brake away from the summer heat. Dimnitsana has a small museum around the watermill.

72,5 Trail through Lousios Gorge 
At Stemnitsana a 72,5 km Menalon Trail starts, passing through the dramatic scenery of the Lousios Gorge, the western slopes of Mt Menalon, the Mylaon River valley and the Gortynian Mountains. Completed in May 2015 by a group of volunteers, the trail is divided into eight sections of varying difficulty. The Stemnitsa–Dimitsana section is the most popular one; the website has a trail outline and maps. You can also download the excellent Menalon Trail: 

The villages are places of interest in itself, beautifully built and with spectacular views. From Dimnitsana it is a short walk to see the old hanging monastery. Duration: walking section 1 from Stemnitsana to Dimitsana takes 5 hours (12,5 km, difficult).

The drive from the accomodation to Stemnitsana: aprroximately 2 hours.