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Methoni is a small and quiet town, a nice place to have lunch or an ice cream. Try the pastries from Athanasiou Bakery, a great bakery with a family business tradition. Watch the sunset at the end of the day, while drinking a Greek wine at the town square. And of course you have to visit its castle and beach. Methoni was one of the seven cities offered to Achilles by Agamemnon. Homer described it as ‘rich in vines’. Today it’s a pretty seaside town with a popular beach, next to which crouches a sturdy 15th-century Venetian fortress. Within the walls are a Turkish bath, a cathedral, a house, a cistern, parapets and underground passages. It is a large castle, nice to walk around and look over the sea. Very nice to explore with kids.

Methoni Castle
The castle is built on a promontory south of the modern town and is surrounded on three sides by the sea. During medieval times the twin fortresses of Methoni and Koroni were known as ‘the Eyes of the Serene Republic’.